Making Maintenance Your “Main Man”

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Many homeowners struggle with the state of their lawns and don’t know what next steps to take to get them in functioning order. Although, there’s more to caring for your lawn than watering some flowers and mowing the grass. Lawn maintenance is a whole process that involves every part of your lawn that needs trimming or other forms of attention on your end. This process is the way to go if you want to keep your lawn looking fabulous. However, incorrect maintenance can easily hurt your lawn more than help it! So, luckily, if you’re a bit lost on what maintenance means for your lawn and how to handle it, there are folks like Mr. Trim who know how to help!

The physical benefits of lawn maintenance

Your lawn is a living, breathing thing – it needs to be cared for as you would care for yourself. When you have a proper lawn maintenance routine, you’ll notice a visible difference in how your lawn grows and looks. A surprising bonus to maintenance is an improvement in air quality. Healthy photosynthesis increases the healthy growth of trees and grass, which improves the air quality! This clean air is the air you and your family will breathe in daily. Lawn maintenance also promotes stronger root growth, which keeps the grass stronger as it grows. These root systems also reinforce the topsoil to prevent erosion from causing excessive damage to your lawn. A sturdy, well-maintained landscape can prevent erosions in other ways by directing water flow appropriately. In addition, it works wonders with filtering out water from pollutants, preventing them from making their way into the public water systems.

Extra benefits of lawn maintenance

It’s not simply the physical benefits when setting up a good lawn maintenance routine. The most obvious one is the improvement in curb appeal that comes automatically with it – your lawn will continuously look fantastic! Your home value will also skyrocket when your lawn looks good and stays in good shape all the time. It could be upwards of 14%, so if you want to sell your home, you’ll get more for sale later. It may seem counterintuitive, but consistently maintaining your lawn will save you money in the long run. When your lawn is tended to, you’ll have to spend less money on fixing damages from pests, storms, and other problems. Lawn maintenance encourages you and others in your home to spend more time outside – outdoor time has multiple mental and physical health benefits. For example, it’s been known to lower anxiety and stress and improve memory and blood pressure! Trimming shrubs and trees can help properly control lots of outdoor noises like neighbors or passing cars if you’re searching for a way to block out noise. It won’t be long before you notice these benefits for yourself!

What’s included in lawn maintenance

There are many parts to lawn maintenance, as many different parts of your lawn could use your help. However, the first one that seems to come to everyone’s mind is the grass; mowing and trimming the grass is where the maintenance starts – it’s the largest area of our landscape! The next part goes with trimming, which is edging around the hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks. This process eliminates growth over the hardscaping and discourages weed growth in those areas. One of the other large jobs that sometimes get forgotten is the maintenance of your trees, big and small. They must be trimmed and shaped to keep them from becoming overgrown and disease-free. It’s important to note that some trees require care that others don’t! Lawn maintenance is also about observing and keeping track of where your lawn struggles and its weak spots and understanding the importance of fixing them when possible. Keeping notes of what needs frequent attention will help your team create a great schedule.

Common tools used in lawn maintenance

We’re sure as a homeowner, you’ve used some of the more common lawn maintenance tools many times. Obviously, lawn mowers of all types are used to cut the grass and keep it from looking like a jungle outside your front door. Weed eaters, or string trimmers, are another tool that can come in handy in areas lawn mowers can’t reach that you may have had practice using before. These machines are commonly used around hardscaping, trees, flower beds, and near the house itself. Then, you have the less common but just as helpful edging shears for more detailed work. These beauties create a lovely line along the edge of sidewalks, walkways, and retaining walls, making your lawn look clean and well-put-together. There are smaller tools that come in handy when your lawn needs maintenance. For example, leaf or soil rakes take care of the ground while trimming shears help tend landscape beds. Hedge shears and tree-cutting chain saws are an in-between that work for the bigger, yet intricate, jobs. You might see some other miscellaneous tools used in this field, like loppers for larger pruning work that don’t require a full trimmer, double-handed hoes, and various shovel types. We know it’s a lot to keep track of, but they all serve a purpose! Why the pros should handle the lawn maintenance. There is much to learn about lawn maintenance, even more than we discussed here because it’s an integral part of improving your home and landscape. A lot goes into it, and it must be done regularly to keep your lawn in good shape. We understand that a lot of time goes into taking care of your lawn – time that you may not have. It also includes a lot of physical labor that could be a lot for one person to handle who doesn’t do that type of work often. The talented crew at Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden Services has the skills to do the job right and the equipment to get it done in good time. They will take care of your lawn, where we’ve proudly served Durham since 1979!