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This remarkable place can be dated back to the 1700s, when only a few families settled here. It became a simple village in 1852 but was incorporated shortly after as a city in 1857. In the early days, the people discovered how great water-power could be, and many mills were erected along the creek to use this power. That simple village grew over time as more settlers came, and the county began growing as many industries/businesses started popping up all over. Finally, over 100 years later, it became part of what was then called Newcastle, making it officially a part of the new Regional Municipality of Durham!

This area remains a place folks love to live in, and many have visited. If you ever find yourself here, there’s plenty to both see and do. You can test your taste buds at the Archibald Orchards & Estate Winery or Brewers Pantry. Or, if you’d like to see some natural beauty, feel free to check out the Long Sault Conservation Area, Rotary Park, or Stephen’s Gulch Conservation Area. Family fun can be had at Joey’s World Family Indoor Playground, and you can see what the people have to offer at the local farmer’s market! We love this area and are proud to serve it for over 40 years

Why choose Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden for your lawn maintenance and lawn care needs?

  • A family-run business since 1979
  • Our services are known for their quality
  • Dedicated purely to the care and maintenance of your lawn

What can Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden do for you?

  • Lawn Maintenance – what needs to be done to keep up the overall appearance and longevity of your lawn; this includes mowing, edging, and anything else that keeps your lawn in-check
  • Lawn Care – what needs to be done to ensure the health and vitality of your lawn; these jobs include weeding, aeration, overseeding, fertilizer application, and dethatching so it can grow strong.
  • Garden Maintenance – similar to lawn maintenance, this applies to specific areas of your landscape; weeding, cultivating, edging, and plant maintenance to keep your garden looking brand new.
  • Snow & Ice Management – snow or ice is only manageable for so long before it gets dangerous and tiresome; we can properly aid in clearing of these nuisances from your property.
  • Seasonal Cleanups – while keeping the lawn clean and neat can be done all year long, seasons like Spring and Fall need more attention; we remove excess debris from your lawn and trim away dead plants.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or lawn care?

  • Your property will have a much better curb appeal
  • The value of your property will skyrocket
  • You will drastically increase the lifespan of your landscape
  • Fewer repairs you’ll have to make later on
  • Your lawn will be less susceptible to pests and invasive plants
  • You’ll want to spend more time outdoors

Are you tired of looking out at an out-of-hand landscape? Need help keeping your lawn clean and safe from the snow? Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden has got you covered – proudly serving Durham since 1979!