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What is included in our seasonal cleanups services?

Seasonal cleanups are a necessary part of keeping your lawn healthy – and making sure they don’t look cluttered and unkept! We make sure to clear away dead/dying parts of plants along with debris that is scattered across your lawn and gardens. Don’t forget – lawn dethatching is a big part of every seasonal cleanup!

Why choose Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden Services?

  • Keeping your lawn intact is our job
  • We have been in this industry since 1979
  • Proud of our family ties; family-run lawn company
  • Committed to honesty and integrity

What good do seasonal cleanups do for my landscape or home?

Leaves smother your grass

It’s no secret that a layer of leaves on your lawn gets tiring to look at after a while because it doesn’t look good. The leaves do more than that, though – they can thoroughly smother your grass, keeping it from receiving the water and oxygen it needs to survive.

Mold and mildew are a serious risk

Excessive moisture, along with other elements, can cause a lot of damage to your lawn – including trapped moisture under the blanket of leaves. When this happens, mold and mildew begin to grow, leading to brown spot disease and other deadly diseases for your grass.

Curb appeal and first impressions matter

A well-kept lawn will attract positive attention, from neighbor compliments to family wondering what your secret is. In many ways, curb appeal is everything – and so is the first impression of new guests!

What are some things to know about seasonal cleanups?

Cleanups include cleaning up the overall look

While the primary focus of lawn cleanups is clearing the landscape of any lawn debris, that’s not the only part that helps! Trimming away dead or dying perennials and removing annuals – as well as disposal for it all – is proudly included!

Times for cleaning up

You can make use of lawn cleanups any time of the year, but there are seasons that your lawn will benefit most from. Fall and Spring are the times of the year your landscape will need these services the most!

Are you looking for an honest, dependable company to care for your landscape needs? Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden has got you covered – proudly serving Durham since 1979!