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History is a big part of any town or city, making it the great place it is today – and Whitby is no different! Whitby was named for a seaside town in Yorkshire in 1848 when merely settlers lived there. However, it didn’t take long to become an incorporated town in 1855. As a result, Whitby was the central transportation hub for a while, with a bustling harbor, busy railroad, and many other roads coming in and out. To this day, it is the home of a steel mill and a pharmaceutical company, along with other businesses.

There’s plenty to see around town, to enjoy while you’re here – including a lot of natural beauties! You can appreciate nature at the Lynde Shores Conservation Area or Heber Down Conservation Area. The Brock Street Brewery is lovely, and Iroquois Park Sports Centre is a blast. You can have some exciting and thrilling family fun at iFly. If you enjoy art, you’ll be happy to know there’s a Station Gallery art gallery that’s waiting to be explored. We’re happy to serve the wonderful residents who live here and will continue doing so happily into the future!

Why choose Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden for your lawn maintenance and lawn care needs?

  • We are known for our quality services
  • We’re committed to the care and maintenance of your lawn
  • Our company is family-run, since 1979

What can Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden do for you?

  • Lawn Maintenance – tasks on your landscape that keep your lawn looking neat and feeling good; we can mow, edge, and perform other tasks to accomplish this.
  • Lawn Care – jobs that ensure the vitality and health (inside and out) of the plants around your lawn; this does include aeration, overseeding, weeding, fertilizer application, and dethatching
  • Garden Maintenance – jobs that are very similar to lawn maintenance, only specified to specific areas; weeding, cultivating, edging, and plant maintenance are part of this process.
  • Snow & Ice Management – taking care of the problems these frozen annoyances can cause, we make sure to clear away dangerous ice and snow for your convenience.
  • Seasonal Cleanups – cleanups are an ongoing event around your landscape, but Fall and Spring are when they’re most needed; we clear away clutter, debris, and dead plants from your lawn.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or lawn care?

  • You’ll be more inclined to spend more time outdoors
  • The overall curb appeal of your property will be increased
  • The lawn will be less susceptible to invasive plants and pests
  • Your home’s value will grow exponentially
  • The lifespan of your lawn will be much longer
  • You’ll spend much less time making repairs to your lawn

Are you tired of having a landscape that’s out of control? Do you need help keeping your lawn safe from snow and ice? Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden has got you covered – proudly serving Durham since 1979!