Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden provides lawn care and snow & ice services to Oshawa, Bowmanville, and Whitby, Ontario!

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Aaron Strickland runs his lawn care business based on his dedication to honesty and integrity – core values instilled within the company for many years. This remarkable company has been, in fact, in business for over 40 years now!

After having so many years in the green industry, he has learned the best ways to not only run a business but do the hands-on part of the job well. Being put in charge of a company that’s been around so long, there’s a lot of pressure to overcome. However, he handles it with grace and puts all of his energy into making his lawn services the best in the area! The services his company offers help ensure the longevity of your landscape and the safety of those walking around said landscape. Anything less than the best isn’t acceptable, so their work is always the best!

A lot can be done around your lawn or landscape to keep it healthy, strong, and looking fantastic. That breeds the need for these businesses to help the owners of these properties maintain the lawn they want! Aaron is driven to grow his company and continuously make it better!

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Aaron Strickland, Owner

You can only acquire experience with patience over time and practice whatever you’re trying to do. This company is a well-known name in these areas, and Aaron has plenty of experience in the field! His knowledge includes customer service, business, and, of course, the ins and outs of landscape work.

Aaron is a terrific owner who cares dearly about his employees and company. He wants to make sure the work on his watch gets done correctly, and the customers he serves are satisfied with what they receive. There is no business without loyal customers – and Aaron cares about each one of them! He’s not just a businessman with a company to run, though; he also has a fulfilling life outside his lawn care work.

Aaron has a beautiful wife, two beautiful children, and numerous pets that make up his family. He loves them with all of his heart and makes sure to balance his work and home life accordingly. So it’s fitting that he should own a family-run business while being devoted to his family at home. This ironic factor is just one of the many things that make him fantastic!