While it’s in the name, a trim isn’t all we do!

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Lawn Maintenance

Keeping your lawn maintained is an important part of keeping it neat, clean, and growing well. These maintenance jobs include trimming the grass and other crucial tasks.

Lawn Care

These services cater to the more in-depth health of your lawn, keeping them healthy from the inside out. Weed control and fertilizer are the biggest ways we achieve this goal.

Seasonal Cleanups

Landscape clutter is unavoidable – falling leaves alone can give it quite the messy look. We do cleanups (primarily in Spring and Fall) and complete the job by removing all the debris we clean up.

Snow & Ice Management

Snow and ice can be beautiful, but usually not for long and from a distance. We can aid you in keeping them under control and salt properly, so your landscape doesn’t get hurt.

Garden Maintenance

Sometimes landscapes struggle even if the grass is green. Our flowerbeds need some help too. We know what it takes to make your whole landscape shine.