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The earliest settlements of the Oshawa area were during the 1700s, predominantly on the shoreline; the only form of transportation there was via Lake Ontario. In 1793 a road was finally constructed between Kingston and Toronto, and people began settling further inland. As the population grew in the 1800s, more buildings and services were built to accommodate. Among these were churches, mills, stores, and a post office. Eventually, in 1856, they built a railway to bring goods to the people living there. Finally, in the early 1900s, automobile production began here, and by 1924 Oshawa officially gained its “city” status!

There are many reasons why you could love this area, and in today’s age, you can find a lot to enjoy about this city. If you love cars, you’d very much enjoy the Canadian Automotive Museum. Pay respects to our great military at The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum, or see some beautiful animals at the Oshawa Zoo. You can find some gorgeous photo opportunities at Lakeview Park, Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens, McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve! There are shopping malls, theaters, and restaurants to keep you busy between all of the fun activities. We love this community and are incredibly thankful to serve its residents!

Why choose Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden for your lawn maintenance and lawn care needs?

  • Quality services are what we’re known for
  • We have been family-run since 1979
  • Care and maintenance are our main focuses for your lawn

What can Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden do for you?

  • Lawn Maintenance – the types of lawn jobs to keep it looking good as well as growing efficiently; this can include mowing and edging, along with other maintenance tasks
  • Lawn Care – tasks to ensure your lawn continues growing strong and stays healthy; these tasks include aeration, overseeding, dethatching, weeding, and fertilizer application
  • Garden Maintenance – very similar to lawn maintenance in what it accomplishes but targets specific areas of your landscape; weeding, cultivating, edging, and plant maintenance are part of it.
  • Snow & Ice Management – Snow and ice can become very dangerous quickly if not dealt with appropriately; we can help remove these annoyances in the best way for your lawn.
  • Seasonal Cleanups – keeping your lawn clean is a relatively simple way to keep your lawn healthy; we can cut away dead plants and remove lawn debris.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or lawn care?

  • Encourages more time to be spent outdoors
  • Your landscape won’t succumb to pests or invasive plants
  • You’ll require fewer lawn repairs down the line
  • The lifespan of your lawn will be increased
  • You’ll have a much higher home value
  • The curb appeal of your property will be a lot better

Do you want to get much more out of your landscape? Are you tired of snow and ice troubles? Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden has got you covered – proudly serving Durham since 1979!