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May is here, which means we can finally join our neighbors to the South in that joyful Spring tradition of dusting off the mowers and getting to mowing our Bowmanville lawns! The buzz of the mower mimics the flutter in our hearts in knowing that we have finally entered the growing season. But with great landscaping comes great responsibility. And to have a gorgeous lawn, you need more than mowing. Lawn maintenance includes knowledge, experience, and taking the time to notice the details. So here is Mr. Trim's take on the essentials of lawns. Let's Start with the Lawn Lawns became popular in North America in the late 19th century as Europeans brought their traditions when they immigrated here. Did you know that three-quarters of Canadians have a lawn? It's the most popular landscaping choice in the country. And that makes sense. Lawns are relatively easy to maintain and hearty. You don't need to replant them every year, and they can stand up to our harsh winters and bounce back (like they're doing now!). While lawn maintenance is a series of tasks that must be performed regularly, those tasks aren't as time intensive as setting up a garden and then pruning flowers. Likewise, while there are pests attracted to grass, it takes a lot to wipe out a whole lawn. The First Mow Riding mower residential lawn near a curb along the road The season's first mow differs from mowing the rest of the year. We left a layer of grass to protect your grassroots during the cold, but that cold took a toll on it. So we will remove all that damaged grass to get to healthy growth underneath. We wait until the weather warms before we mow to allow the grass to get its bearings, so to speak. Cutting too early can be a shock to the plants' system. Before beginning mowing, your landscape needs a Spring Cleanup to prepare for the new season. During that yard cleanup, we'll also take the time to notice the health of your lawn. Regular Mowing Once in the regular mowing season, we're off and running, weekly or biweekly. But mowing is more than just operating a mower. There's more to know before you mow. Firstly, there are over one thousand grass species. So when we say "lawn" or "grass," it's shorthand for many plants. So knowing your species can help you make the right decisions about optimal mowing height and nutrition. Next, you need good equipment! Hiring a pro can really up your mowing game this way. One of the most significant factors in your mowing equipment is the sharpness of your mower blade. We sharpen them regularly so they don't damage and kill the grass. Finally, the weather determines mowing frequency and height. As it gets warmer, grass needs more height to insulate the roots from the sun's rays. What Else Do We Include in Lawn Maintenance Mowing is a little more complex than you may have realized, but mowing is just a piece of the lawn maintenance puzzle, which, in turn, is only part of lawn care. So what else do you need to do to maintain your lawn? Edging Close-up of landscape edger in action along sidewalk You may have operated an edger and almost certainly seen one. You probably know it's used to create the borders between lawns and the rest of your yard. It creates a striking look, but did you know it also has practical benefits? An edger creates a very short ditch. Fortunately, that ditch is enough to discourage grassroots from crossing over into your gardens and hardscaping. Edging also makes mowing and trimming easier. In addition, when you have a border in place, there's less detailed work to return for, saving you time and money. Trimming That segues nicely into trimming. We use a trimmer to get closer than a mower can to large objects that sit on your lawn. We also trim to even out the property. Mowers can't hit every blade of grass because your yard isn't perfectly level, and every bump can cause some blades to stick up. So to make your yard polished, we trim. Blow Outs The final step in lawn maintenance is cleaning up after ourselves! No one wants to see grass clippings in their driveways, walkways, and gardens! So we blow that grass back to where it belongs. Ready for a Gorgeous Lawn? Lawn maintenance is just the beginning of lawn care, but it's an important start. To improve your lawn health, you need a professional like Mr. Trim to monitor and care for it. But we'll start with an excellent mow!