How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

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Outdoor spaces provide any homeowner with endless possibilities and can serve many purposes. Whether you opt for a spacious open lawn or a row of raised beds, garden maintenance is integral to being a homeowner. If you are a new property owner or want to reassess your outdoor needs, you’ll ask yourself, “how does YOUR garden grow?’

The experts at Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden Services understand that different gardens have individual needs. As the leading garden maintenance provider in Oshawa and surrounding areas, our work centers around giving customized care to each type of garden.

Does your garden grow as a yard?

Large open lawns are typical for most outdoor spaces, requiring little maintenance and offering limitless options. The vastness of a yard or lawn is excellent for children or pets who need space to roam. In addition, open land can hold a crowd, making it a flexible and multi-purpose solution for any household. If you opt for a yard, some considerations include:


Different grasses thrive in various temperatures, and you’ll want to select a grass that is best for your soil type, average temperature, and sun intake. Landscapers like Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden Services can aid in identifying suitable grass for your lawn. New grass is achievable to grow from seed or by laying sod.

Watering schedule

A watering schedule is helpful to aid your lawn’s overall health and growth. Consider whether an irrigation system will work well in your space if you have a large yard. A smaller and well-established yard will thrive with sprinkler treatment.


Mowing is a critical aspect of lawn maintenance and is necessary during the warmer months. By cutting the grass, you keep your space manageable and orderly. You’ll want to aim to mow once every two weeks or when the grass is over three inches tall.

A flourishing yard adds an expansive element to your natural surroundings with the proper practices. Whether you’re looking to lounge or play sports, a lush lawn will provide the right background for any setting.

Does your garden grow in a flowerbed?

A garden grown in a flowerbed, containment, or a raised bed, is generally necessary for heavy-duty plants or species starting from seed. If you’re looking to start a flowerbed or vegetable garden, you’ll want to grow your garden in containment. Growing in flowering beds allows proper separation for each type of plant. For gardens in raised beds, you’ll want to consider:


Consider incorporating a fertilizer into your gardening routine to nourish your plants and provide essential nutrients to your garden. Fertilizers are available for purchase at any outdoor store. Organic gardeners generally prefer to fertilize with compost.

Size of bed

The size of your garden bed is vital for giving each plant adequate space to grow. Root systems grow deep and require ample room. Depending on the number of plants you aim to harvest, your property may feature multiple garden beds.

Empty Containment and raised bed gardens provide function and cater to the needs of the space and the gardener. In addition, flowerbed maintenance grows easier each season as your plants grow more accustomed to the size. So, container gardens will serve the entire season, whether you’re venturing into an herb garden or a full-scale vegetable operation.

Does your garden grow for aesthetics?

A garden grown for aesthetics caters to the design elements of a home and compliments the exterior features. These outdoor spaces commonly feature ornamental gardens and statement additions to enhance the appearance. Yards centered around design will have more garden maintenance, as their features tend to be more tedious.

When planting a garden for design, there are many considerations to be made. You’ll want to think of the layout of your yard, plants that thrive in your ecosystem, and any additional features you may want. Additional features might include:

  • Walkways
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Fountains
  • Ponds
  • Statues or other ornamental pieces

After establishing how you want your yard to look, you’ll want to think of aesthetically pleasing items and practices that will benefit the yard’s growth. Suitable garden maintenance accessories and habits include:


Mulch is a wonderful garden material that spreads over the ground’s surface. It serves many purposes, including

  • Weed prevention
  • Creating a cohesive look or acting as a barrier between different grounds
  • Conserving moisture
  • Protecting plants from external elements
  • Improving the health of the soil


No matter what kind of outdoor space you are growing, weed removal and prevention are essential. Weeds are invasive plants that rob surrounding plants of nutrients. Removing weeds promotes optimal, uninterrupted growth for your plants.

If your yard is susceptible to an overgrowth of weeds, you may opt for a weed killer. Commercial weed killers are effective but contain harsh chemicals that may deter surrounding areas from proper growth. Diluted distilled white vinegar and water make for an effective weed-killing combination and give a more holistic approach.


With any plant upkeep, you’ll want to prune your flowers and trees. Pruning removes dead limbs to redirect energy to the viable parts of the plant. For corrective pruning, trim trees and shrubbery as needed or twice annually.

It is up to you to decide how your garden grows. Outdoor spaces are inclusive of all greens and can feature multiple types of growth in the same area. So, whether you’re growing for space, function, design, or all three, garden maintenance will ensure longevity.

Do you need help growing your garden? The experts at Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden Services treat every type of outdoor space to ensure garden growth at any level. So, our services will keep your landscape intact, whether you’re tending a garden for yourself and your family or butterflies and bumblebees.

Mr. Trim Lawn & Garden Services is a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of service to Oshawa and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on catering to garden maintenance needs on an individualized basis. Call us today at (226) 499-4910 for an estimate on your garden!