Frequently asked questions

Are estimates free?

Yes, estimate are always free of charge. We happily to get your estimate to you quickly and provide prices for as many services as you would like so you can make an informed purchase.

How do I sign up for services?

After you have received an estimate for services you can approve the service by contacting our office at (905) 263-2772 or by email at

Once I have received my services how do I pay my bill?

All recurring services are billed monthly. During the growing season, billing is performed at the beginning of the month and in the winter months billing is performed after the 15th of each month. All non-recurring services ie. pruning landscaping property cleanups etc. will be bill upon completion.We accept Cheque, Debit, Credit and EMT.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Mr. Trim carries extensive Commercial Liability insurance should any need arise. Also to keep you at ease please know that all staff are covered by WSIB and receive extensive and on-going safety training to lessen risk.

What height will you cut my lawn?

All our mowers are set to 3" as a basic height if you would like any other height please let us know by contacting the office at (905) 263-2772 or by email at heights that can be selected are 2" 2.5" 3" 3.5" 4"

What is your cutting schedule and season?

All lawns are cut on a weekly basis unless requested otherwise. The season goes from the week of May the first thru the first or second week of Nov depending on the weather as all our week mower work is bagged, this will include removing of the leaves off the lawn during this period.

Do you remove the grass clippings?

All our weekly cuts with a lot of size under 10,000sqft will be bagged and the clippings removed at no extra charge. Properties larger than this bagging can be discussed but will require an extra fee. Bi-weekly cuts or (cut every other week) are mulched.

What if its raining or there is rain in the forecast for the mowing day?

If it is only drizzling or light showers occur it doesn’t affect us too much. We will be extra careful and our walk-behind mowers are light and won’t cause damage to your lawn. If there is a thunderstorm, or it is raining heavily, we will sit it out for a while if it looks like it will pass we will continue when its safe to do so. If the rain persists we will reschedule your service to the following business day.

What if I get my lawn fertilized by someone else?

If you get your lawn fertilized by someone other than us we recommend you let your service provider know your cutting day once it has been established. That way they aren’t showing up just before we mow. If we are providing the service, then don’t worry about scheduling; that’s on us!

What if I have a special occasion on the regular mowing day or I need to adjust my mowing schedule?

If you have a special event coming up and need us to adjust your schedule, please inform us at least one week in advance so we have time to make adjustments. It’s difficult for us to move our schedule around, especially on late notice, but if we have a crew in the area on a later day, we’ll do our best. If you would like a permanent change to the day of the week you are receiving your service please contact our office at (905) 263-2772 or

What if I don't want my lawn cut this week?

If you don't want a cut this week that is no problem just give us 48 hours notice to our office (905) 263-2772 or, If no notice is given and our crew is sent away upon arrival there will be a $15 fee.

What if I have a dog?

As a professional landscape and maintenance company, we have had a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of pets. We have a lot of pet lovers on staff as well. For the safety and well being of your pet, we have our own pet policy for their protection. Our equipment and staff could easily scare your pet if your pet is loose in the backyard. For this reason, we won’t go in. We ask that you keep your pet inside on your day of service. Also, we ask that you pick up after your pet.

What if I have a locked gate?

If you keep a locked gate, we generally recommend that you switch to a combination lock and give us the code so we can unlock it and lock it back up when we’re through or you can provide us with a copy of the key. Mr. Trim cannot be held liable if someone were to find that key though. Otherwise, you’re responsible for locking/unlocking on your mowing day. If we unload all of our equipment and find you forgot to unlock your gate, we’ll mow everything we can and move on. If it’s on a fertilizing or spring clean-up day, we’ll phone you and reschedule service.

How much water does my lawn need?

Water is the single most important thing you can feed your lawn. To encourage strong healthy roots your lawn will require a minimum of 2.5 to 4 cm of water weekly. Of course, this does vary depending on your soil type and how much direct sunlight your lawn receives. Generally though watering for 20 minutes once or twice a week will be sufficient especially when combined with rainfall. While not watering enough will cause your lawn to dry out and possibly go dormant, overwatering can also cause a lot of issues such as fungus and other turf diseases. As for the best time to water? Early morning is best, midday can burn your grass and evening creates a better chance of fungus growth.

What should I do if drought conditions occur?

Early drought symptoms include your grass colour changing to a dark silvery tinge, footprints become clearly visible and the grass does not bounce back when you walk on it. Drought conditions occur when your lawn does not receive the proper amount of water such as when it is hot and sunny for long periods of time without rainfall. If your lawn shows these signs water it immediately and continue to water at regular intervals but don’t over water. If your lawn continues past the early signs and turns a straw colour please don’t panic, contact our office and have your cutting service switched to a bi_weekly service. When the weather changes and rainfall occurs or cloudy cooler weather arrives your lawn will slowly come back to its natural green colour at this point you can go back to weekly. Dormancy is a natural defence mechanism.

When is fall cleanup completed and what methods are used?

Typically fall clean ups are done in one visit after the leaves have fallen. This ensures that leaves are removed and that lots more leaves do not accumulate after the clean up is done. Some of the duties performed during the visit are the removal of annual plants, cutting down perennial plants, raking blowing leaves and if requested one last cut. This service is critical as leaves allowed to remain on the lawn throughout the winter could be detrimental to your lawns health. We try to get all cleanups completed in November or early December, however, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

When is spring cleanup completed?

Spring cleanups are completed in one visit throughout April and early May weather permitting. The date that the service was confirmed will dictate when your clean up will be completed with priority given to early bookings. Book this service early to ensure your lawn is the envy of the neighbourhood!

When will the snow be cleared from my property?

Our goal is to make sure all driveways and parking lots are accessible 24 hours a day throughout the winter. That being said, we cannot guarantee anything as Mother Nature can be uncooperative at times. Our goal is, during snowfalls ending at night we strive to complete all commercial properties by 6:30 a.m. and residentials as soon as possible for all snowfalls ending during the day our goal is to complete all commercial immediately and residentials asap. Our guarantee is all properties will be cleared within 24 hrs of the snowfall stopping. We have 40 years of experience and during the winter months, ice management and/or snow plowing are our only duties 24 hours per day seven days a week.

When is the best time to Aerate my lawn?

We strongly recommend spring as the most beneficial time to aerate your lawn. We are aware that a lot of our competitors perform aerations in the fall (sometimes when there is snow on the ground) but that isn’t in your lawn’s best interests. Typically those companies are doing it at that time to get a quick end of season cash influx. We want your lawn to benefit as much as possible from the service so we try to do our aerations after the frost has left the ground. Think of your lawn as a chance to alleviate winter compaction and all the roots to breath again, By waiting till the spring you will have a thicker fuller lawn. This said if you absolutely want aeration during a different season we will try to accommodate your request.

How often should I Aerate my lawn?

Once a year is recommended, this will help ensure a thick healthy lawn when combined with proper fertilizer, watering and maintenance. Please remember to mark your in-ground sprinkler heads and other hidden obstacles to avoid prior to our crews aerating.

How often should I Fertilize my lawn?

To ensure your lawn remains thick and lush all season you should apply a professional, turf grass fertilizer three times a year for good results and four for the best results. The best times to apply the fertilizer is in late April, mid-June, early August and mid-October. You’ll often see other companies applying fertilizer earlier in the spring, but this product provides little benefit as the ground is still too cold and the grass is not yet actively growing.

Why are there so many weeds in my lawn?

Weeds are simply an indicator that the plant you desire, turf grass, is struggling or has died. This creates space and opportunity for other plants such as dandelions, clover and plantain to get established. Simply trying to kill the weeds without doing anything to re-establish a thick healthy lawn will mean a constant battle with your lawn. An effective approach is to ensure your lawn is receiving a full season of properly timed applications and treatments including fertilizer, aeration, over-seeding and proper mowing. A thick healthy lawn will have fewer problems with weeds!

What is included in Grass cutting?

With every weekly or bi-weekly grass cut all turf areas are cut to your selected height line trimming is completed in all areas and all paved surfaces are blown off of all dirt and grass clippings.